Yohan Guignard

Yohan Guignard


After a master in film sciences at Sorbonne Paris, Yohan Guignard studied documentary film at IAD (Institute for Audio-visual Diffusion) Louvain-La-Neuve. His films, both
documentary and fiction, all share a strong visual language: the human body and its movement are observed in its smallest details. The architecture and lanscape share the
foreground with the characters of Yohan Guignard's images. In autumn 2016 Yohan travels through the United States to continue his documentary, a portrait of the
American countryside and its inhabitants. In 2017 released Adieu La Chair !, his first fiction short film, the story of a young rugbyman that has to prove himself on the field
and in his social group.



ADIEU LA CHAIR!, fiction, 20 min, 2017

STRATES, fiction, 9 min, 2009

ROAD 219, Documentary, 55 min, 2009

TEASER http://yohanguignard.com/index_ROUTE219.html

Festival Partances de Saint-Orens-de-Gameville 2010,
Festival des globe-trotters d'Avignon 2011,
Festival des globe-trotters de Paris Septembre 2011,
Biennale des carnet de voyages 2011, Clermont-Ferrand
Festival des globe-trotters de Caen 2012,
Diffusion dans différents collèges 2010 et 2012.

RECIFS, experimental documentary, 2011, 17 min