The Ship of Fools

The Ship of Fools (2015)
Long Documentaire - 85'' - En distribution

Written and directed by Eric D'Agostino & Patrick Lemy

They have committed serious acts, offenses or crimes. The justice system however considered that they were not responsible when committing these acts. 
They are confined for an unlimited period of time, imprisoned inside the walls of the psychiatric unit of a prison in Brussels. With Ship of Fools we plunge into the very heart of the prison cells, where humanity seems to have been forgotten. Based on trust, the inmates reveal their more or less realistic hopes of being released one day.

Critics from Inrockuptibles (September 8th 2015)


Written and directed by Eric D'Agostino & Patrick Lemy
Production Aurélien Bodinaux & Oualid Baha
Editing Jan De Coster & Antoine Donnet
Production Neon Rouge
Coproduction Visualantics, Tact Production, RTBF, CBA, Lichtpunt

With the support of Centre du Cinéma - FWB, VAF, Fonds du Journalisme, Tax shelter